Computer Services

PC & Web Company is proud to make your computing experiences more satisfying with Computer Cool Links.

Our company, since 1987, has taken care of computer needs in our immediate geographical area with its qualified personnel.

Since new computers rarely operate the way you want right out the box, call us for our on-site new system setup service.

We can help you install your new software, troubleshoot problems, or delete unused software.

Hard drive maintenance is essential to avoid "crashes" that lose essential data.

If you are installing Windows 95, or Windows 98, or are just not satisfied with the way it is running, we can install it for you or setup your present copy to function the way it should.

Sometimes hardware upgrades can be very tricky, and having us install that hardware can solve your problems.

If you are having trouble operating your computer or the software in it, call us for the computer training to meet your needs.

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