Customer Feedback
October 21, 1999

PC & Web Company
Attn: Ron Janczyk
935 Wellington Court
Norton Shores, MI 49441

Dear Ron:

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in re-writing my resume. In just two short weeks I have had more job offers than I had in the last eight months with my old resume. You certainly brought out the best in me.

If you remember, I had sent out approximately 150 resumes since January of 1999. Through September I had only two interviews. I knew that something was wrong with my resume but just couldn't pin it down. You were able to ask me the right questions to highlight my career and employers must have noticed.

Last week I interviewd with a company, and today I was offered the job. I will most likely take this job unless something else better comes along soon. I have also taken your advice and decided to try some consulting. I sent my resume to an old employer who has now decided to hire me part-time to asist in their accounting department.

I will refer you to my friends and business associates whenever the opportunity arises.

Thanks again for your help. I really do appreciate it.


Frank Van Eysden, CHA

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