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Costs and payment method will be determined upon receipt of this form.
Payment must be received before the project will start.

Name: Today's Date:
Address: Date Needed:
City: Telephone:
State & Zip: Time to Call:
E-mail: Fax Number:

Objective/what type of work are you looking for?

Strengths/Characteristics that you possess making you a good worker at ANY job (At least 10-15).

Positive work habits that enhance your skills (In addition to above strengths).

Formal education (High School, College, Trade School, Community Education, Etc.)

Continuing education (Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, On-The-Job Training, Certification, Etc.)

Community Service/Professional Affiliations/Examples of Leadership Roles.
Awards/Special recognition for exemplary service on the job or in the community.

Employment History: List company name, city and state, and length of employment
using month and year. Also list your working title and your duties/responsibilities
for each job in detail, listing current or last job first. Also list 5 to 6 lines of
responsibilities for the newest job and then less as they get older.
If you're mailing this, use extra sheets if necessary.

Special skills, equipment, tools, etc.

Additional comments you feel pertinent to this resume.

Final costs will be determined upon receipt of this form.
A basic one page resume (5 copies) starts at $80.00 with shipping
Payment must be received before the project will start.
Turnaround time after payment is received:
In Michigan = 5 days; US = 7-10 Days; Outside US = 15-18 days or less
(Above times include e-mailing questions, resume design,
resume draft approval by fax or e-mail, and resume mailing/time in mail)

You can e-mail this form by clicking on "Send Form".
If that doesn't work for you,
it also can be printed after filling it out and then mailed.
Form viewed best at 800x600 or higher resolution.
Reference page and Cover Letters
are also available at an additional charge.

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